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24 Sep 2020#4329

Civitech - Civil Engineering & Project Management.

  • Udupi Karavali Junction
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CIVITECH is a team of professional civil engineering with a style for innovative architectural & interior design. Our projects include residential villas, hospitals, apartments, bungalows, offices, commercial, shopping centers, clinics and townships. CiviTech Management is an emerging leader in civil engineering and project management services. We have been providing a range of service for the building construction, interior design, landscape design, vastu consultants, civil engineering involving number of projects in Mangalore and Udupi. We are recognized as an innovator with many years of experience to offer range of products and design capabilities. Besides providing architectural services, we also function as providing assistance in designing the method of application to satisfy our client's most challenging projects objectives. * Architects * Interior Designers * Consulting Engineers * Valuers * Vastu Consultants * Landscape Designers * Project Management * Property Management * Construction

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